Frequently Asked Questions
No! Our service is totally free!
In comfortable mode, 3 people can participate together. If there are more participants, then their videos will need to be scrolled in the carousel. In general, thare can be up to 10 participants.
Yes, just click 'Change Video' in the upper right corner and insert a new link.
In the room session click 'Copy invite link' in the upper right corner. Send the link to your friend via e-mail, Facebook, WhatsApp or other messengers and social nets.
You may be using Safari browser which is not fully supported. Please use desktop version of Google Chrome, Opera or Mozilla Firefox. If problem is not solved please contact us.
In the mobile version, you can simultaneously watch YouTube videos with friends and chat. Videoconferencing doesn't work properely on mobile devices right now.
After registration you can see the history of your workouts. Room links are also saved. You can also add workouts to your 'Favorites' and easily switch to previously created rooms.
Please fill in a feadback form on our website and we'll consider adding more workouts to the schedule.
If you have any questions, send your feedback to us!