How coronavirus pushed us to create a service for online training with friends

Most of us have changed our lifestyle during the pandemiс. My husband and I did not plan to be apart for such a long time. Nevertheless, he returned from abroad and had to stay self-isolated for 2 weeks. So we decided to try online training every morning.

We thought it would be easy to find a service for training together watching the same video lesson. We tried popular Zoom with screen sharing. But the video was lagging and randomly stopping, so it was really inconvenient. We experienced the same thing with Skype. So we realized that the service we were searching for simply didn't exist. That's why we decided to create our own platform! Basically, we've combined Zoom and YouTube so you and your friends are able to see the same synchronized video and each other.

Workouts with

After weeks of hard work our service for online training with friends was released. The platform is absolutely free and has already united like-minded people. There are users who train with us every day. We listen to our users, fix bugs and add new features. helps people to be closer to each other, which is especially important during this difficult pandemic period. It is not just a business for us. We give all of us to this project.

Since we released the platform we've acquired a healthy habit! Every morning at 7:40 AM we train together with my husband's family at Not only do we keep fit during lockdown which is pretty hard, but also we spend more time talking to our family which is so valuable. After the lockdown we don’t plan to stop online training as online workouts with family and friends is an additional motivation for training! is also a great alternative to a gym, because it’s always hard to get there after work. In addition, has replaced Skype calls for us. After a workout at the platform we share the latest news with our relatives in the same conference room.

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We’ve told you our story and look forward to hearing yours. How did you start training at Have you got used to the online training format? What difficulties have you faced? How can we help? Share your experience and suggestions and feel free to ask any questions!